Raw & Real (week 3)

1. “How do you think God feels about using Marijuana? Is it a sin?” Firstly, I commend you for seeking wisdom and understanding rather...

Scarcity Mentality

It’s the thing that screams, “nothing will ever be enough, I will never truly be satisfied, I will never get what I want!!”

Raw & Real (week 2)

Question 1: How do you deal with wanting celibacy when your boyfriend doesn’t want it, but you don’t want to compromise? Let me start off...

Raw & Real (week 1)

Question 1: How to heal from longing for someone whom you know is not right for you? Listen to RnB music. Just kidding … This is really...

Self Love

Someone recently asked, ‘what is self-love that isn’t selfish,’ after digging deep into scripture here is what one of our columnists found

Emotional Purity

For the longest time, I thought to guard my purity meant, sexual abstinence and being sexually pure. I recently learnt that there is another

Trusting God

Trusting God during adversity almost feels and seems impossible when you don't know and understand what it means...